Private tour guide in Tirana who speaks Shqip (native), English - Adam Picaku

Adam Picaku
First visit: 02 August 2020
Last visit: 23 February 2021
Tirana, Albania
Shqip (native), English
since 2012
Hi everybody. My name is Adam. I am a licensed tour guide in Albania. I have been working as a tour guide for 8 years. My slogan is "Tourists First" and I try hard to leave my costumers a great memory and impression about Albania. The Balkans countries are fantastic for visitors with amazing beauty and full of history but since the people of the Balkans had decided to live in an idiotic regime for 50 years, thinking that communism is the "best" regime, our communist governments invested more in army than in infrastructure and for this reason, in our days, many roads are not in good condition, sometimes dangerous and some roads are not on google map but i can help you go to every corner of this peninsula because i know everything. I know everything about my country and also know the history of the Balkan countries but according to the law in these countries i can not work as a guide but as i told you i can drive all over. I was the only tour guide in Albania was chosen by Discovery Channel. That's me. Hope to see you soon.
My name is Adam. 45 years old. I graduated with a degree in electrical engineering but never worked as an engineer.

I have worked in many embassies and governmental and non-governmental organizations and since 2012 i have been working as guides in Albania.

I do private and group tours in countries: Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary.

I have Albanian driving license since 1996.
i have UK driving license since 2007

I drive cars, minibuses, Buses

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