Adel Abdelwahab
First visit: 03 September 2016
Last visit: 03 September 2016
Adel Abdelwahab
Hurghada, Egypt
English (native), German, العربية
since 2006
The Red Sea is one of the most fascinating destinations around the world. There are many reasons that the red sea be such attractive destination for travelers. 1st; the weather, it\'s a sun shine almost 360 of 365 days a year. About only 5 days of rain annually. In winter the lowest temp is 18 degree\'s in the morning about 10 at night. In summer from June till end of September Air temp range between 30 and 40 degree\'s in the morning and 27 to 32 at night which is the perfect weather . 2nd ; The wide variety of accommodations as Resorts , Hotel\'s with mostly 5 star\'s , Flat\'s , studio\'s , Villa\'s and even Living aboard Motor yacht . 3rd ; The easy access to Hurghada , As Hurghada has 2 International Airports , And there are direct flight\'s from many European countries as Germany and England . 4th; Hurghada Has several Water sport activities. As Scuba diving which consider Divers heaven for international divers, The Reason that Water Temp in winter is minimum 18 degree\'s and in summer you can dive in shorts and that\'s how warm it gets. Additional to the massive amount of marine life and the fantastic Topography of the red sea. Next to the famous Site seeing of Historical wreck\'s, Sharks , Dolphins , Manta , Turtles and the common red sea reef fish . Also Wind and Kite surfing is quite spread here because we have about 200 day\'s a year of wind 4 to 15 knot\'s. Other activities as Paragliding and water skiing are found. 5th ; The night life In Hurghada is incredible , as many disco tech\'s , Bar\'s , Restaurant\'s and coffee shops Are open till 2 or even 4 Am . 6th ; The people are very friendly and welcoming , As well security is well tight , There have never been a terrorist attack in Hurghada History ... 7th; Hurghada is a very affordable for all level of society; you want the 7 star luxury you\'ll find it. You want a comfy Studio and cater your own food, Also Available. Food, cigarettes, transportation and drinks are very cheap .Example; you can have a pack of Marlboro for only 3 $, A good Lunch for 4 $. A good Steak or sea food dinner for 10 $. You all welcome In Hurghada... Sunny Regards Adel Abdelwahab
I\'m Adel Abdelwahab; a certified PADI dive center operation manager and Dive Master Since May 2006 Certification # 640-351

I work as a freelancer for dive Centers as Euro divers and for Liveaboards Motor Yachts for weekly scuba diving Trip\'s as Sea Sound Fleet

I also organize my own Daily and Safari Trips and that\'s become my priority after I found that I have wide experience and contacts all along the red sea , Which allows me To organize High quality trip for good price for my clients and that\'s good for me as a start up ..

I\'m also a motor yacht broker and what made me involve in motor yacht brokerage, the knowledge I gained about motor yachts over my years of experience in diving and my uncle who owns a dry dock in Suez City.

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