Private tour guide in Cape Town who speaks English (native), French - Alan Burricks

Alan Burricks
First visit: 20 February 2018
Last visit: 21 February 2018
Cape Town, South Africa
English (native), French
since 2017
I offer great memories of a great city that I love dearly. Together with you, we design our shared experience of Cape Town. While I provide basic itineraries, I want you to own the experience as much as I do. Je parle francaise et Afrikaans aussi. I provide tours up to Port Elizabeth and Namaqualand
I was the traveler, tourist for 30 years and have been hosted by amazing locals through whose eyes I came to love their countries. Now I am that trusted local! I charge a fair rate and aim to maximize your investment of time and money in my country. My desire is that you fall in love with Cape Town and come again and again.

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