Alberto DeLeo
First visit: 20 March 2017
Last visit: 20 March 2017
Alberto DeLeo
Castel Volturno, Italy
German (native),
since 2014

Day trips in and around Naples

A local shows the beloved southern Italy

Sometime in life comes the day,

In which the true vocation becomes clear.

For me it was 2013. I have to do it

Determined to give my life a whole

New chapter. My restaurant

In Wiesbaden ran very successfully.

But a piece of puzzles was still missing.

Better said several pieces of puzzles: the sun, the deep blue sea, the smell of lemons and freshly baked pizza Napolitana as well as the overbearing cordiality of the people.

In short, I missed my beloved Southern Italy.

My roots are easy to read from my name.

My name is Alberto De Leo and I am in 1965 in Wiesbaden

Born and grown up. After the long, beautiful

And it was time to explore Germany

New challenges.

I have canceled all contracts and am going to the country in 2014

My ancestors. Now I live in one place

Between Naples and Gaeta directly on the sea and marvelous

Every day about the beauty of this charming region.

It is even more delightful for me to bring all the splendor of Campania and the exciting metropolis of Naples to my guests. It is not a question of just flipping out the typical sights like the Amalfi Coast, Pompeii or Vesuvius. I love to tell the stories behind the stories. My guests see exciting places, places and restaurants where only locals can be found. I know the insider tips and speak the language of the southern Italians.

So I offer an authentic holiday experience away from the package tourist standard program.

The small groups are transported by me by car. I also accompany motorcycling through Campania.

My place of residence lies in the middle of historical sites,

Me and my guests are fast to reach.

Still the place is in the Sleeping Beauty.

But he wants my guests from all over the world

Be awakened. I\'ve hired some villas here

And will gradually renovate them.

In these accommodations, my guests will feel completely at ease.

As a successful host, I was accustomed to being a good and warm-hearted host and fulfilling all my wishes to my guests.

My holiday guests are now welcome to expect me. I am an open guy, like to have a chat and solve problems immediately - should one show up.

My motto is \"give take\".

Only when my guests are happy, I am also.


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