Anago-James-Akeem Osho
First visit: 28 September 2017
Last visit: 28 September 2017
Anago-James-Akeem Osho
Badagry, Nigeria
English (native), French
since 1998
I have been designing itineraries and guiding tourists since 1998. I am passionate about research, history and traveling and love to share my experiences to visitors. I organize Family Tours and adventures which are fun and educational, History, Arts and Culture, Adventure Tourism, Promotes Eco Tourism, Documentaries, History of the Trans Atlantic slave trade, Story telling. Services include: Tour Guiding, Homestead and hotel lodgings, Tourism Products, Souvenirs, Photography, Film Production, Research and Transportation.
I am a Museum Curator, Professional Tourist guide, Historian, Researcher, Public Speaker, Author and founder of Anago Osho Tourism Adventures and Preservation.

I am the manager Badagry Historical tours, Cape Coast-ElMina Historical tours, and Abeokuta Historical tours.

i am Chief Seriki Faremi Williams Abass of Badagry family Historian, aimed at promoting the Seriki Williams Abass slave Museum (also known as the Brazilian Barracoon) and family heritage.

I was a member of the Demosite Management Committee of the COAST PROJECT in Badagryfrom 2009-2012, organized by UNESCO, UNEP, UNWTO and Lagos state ministry of Culture and Tourism. The project was aimed at promoting sustainable and Coastal tourism.

I received an award as the best Culture and Tourism promoter of the year 2015, by Eko vision magazine, Lagos.

May 2016 - Anago James Akeem Osho wins the Guide Contest (The most popular guides on GuideContest win the Contest).

I recieved another award called Badagry Intergrity Award as the most Outstanding Curator of the year 2016, by Badagry Newspaper and Badagry Elite Forum.

I wrote a book titled LEKELEKE: Folk stories, Poems, Maxims and Tourism adventure pictures. The book is widely circulated around the world. His other books include: Tourism and Tour Guiding, How the Slave trade began, The History of Seriki Williams Abass of Badagry.

There are many academic journals and newspaper publications that recognized my works.

My article was published in IOSR Academic Journal of Humanities and Social Science titled, ‘’SerikiAbass: Slave trade, Badagry and the history that refuses to die’’, August 1, 2016.

I received a certificate as an International researcher from the International Organization of Scientific research India and U.S.A.

I have taught Tourism and Tour guiding at different training programs and i was motivated to do so by Lisa Aubrey PhD, and the desire to train Tour guides in Bimbia-Cameroon.

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