Jewish Buenos Aires PRIVATE Tour .FULL DAY OF 6 HOURS

Private tour - Jewish Buenos Aires PRIVATE Tour .FULL DAY OF 6 HOURS

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Español (native), English
6 - 6 Hours
Tour is Private or Small Group up to 10 only if match. Guide me or my co-host. Cost includes transportation and pick up and dropp off. Cost is for MINIMUN 2 PEOPLE. Cost will DECREASE if you will be from 3 to 10 people. I also do PRIVATE TOURS for your GROUP more than 10 . Cost will be drastically decrease per person.

In this tour you will learn about the history from the jewish arrival to Argentina/Buenos Aires up to now. Visiting the most important places with a mixture of local walking , flexible stops, interaction with local enviroment/people. The tour is FULL DAY 5/6 hour and includes pick up and dropp off at Port/hotel/apt located in the city of buenos aires. If you need a transfer in or out from airports is not included in the cost but I can offer that service.

Highlights: FROM 10AM TO 4PM

Area ONCE the jewish area walking and feeling. Local enviroment. Kosher markets. Art Mural.

Great Paso Synagogue . And emblematic ashkenazi conservative one. Ticket EXPRESSED IN USD AMERICAN DOLLARS is usd 5 per person

Jewish Museum and Libertad Synagogue . The history and first synagogue in the city (now ashkenazi reformist). Ticket EXPRESSED IN USD AMERICAN DOLLARS is usd 10 per person

The Square "Embassy of Israel" A memorial place after a terrorist attack that bombed the former Embassy in 1992.

The AMIA Jewish Federation building (outside) . The historical comunity institution rebuilt after a bomb terrorist attack in 1994

Time to stop for a lunch and chat (time included, cost not included)

Those are the basic things .Depend your rithm, your style we can be flexible to chat about nazism, antisemitism, and many details about the jewish comunity in the past up to now a days. Or visit other places related with the topic. The idea is to learn , enjoy , and feel a local experience.


Executive Car or Mercedes Benz Van. Guides cannot drive so we add a Driver. (law). Cost in us dollars.

Guide: Me directly as your guide

Other guides. 100% bilingual also selected. Few guides minimum 10 years of experience.

Pick up at hotel, apt or port. Drop off at hotel, apt or port. INSIDE THE CAPITAL FEDERAL CITY OF BUENOS AIRES.


2 people 420 total car+driver

3 people 450 total car+driver

4 people 620 total mini van+driver

5 people 145 per person van and driver

6 people 145 per person van+driver

7 people 140 per person van +driver

8 135 per person van+driver

9 130 per person van+driver

10 125 per person van+driver

11 125 per person van+driver

12 120 per person van+driver

13 120 per person van+driver

14 115 per person van+driver

15 115 per person van+driver

16 105 per person van+driver

17 105 per person van+driver

18 95 per person van+driver

Van is up to 18 without luggage or up to 13 with luggage.

Food is not included. You can eat from 15 dollars at a fun area aprox depend if you order wine or not or if you order lot of food. You will manage your budget.

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