Tango Dinner Show Very Good

Private tour - Tango Dinner Show Very Good

Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Español (native), English
4 - 5 Hours
This will not be with a guide for you , is just the service of pickup , dropp off, and enjoy the tango dinner show! Cost are the same all the year and everyday. Cost change for Christmas and New Year Eve Nights

In this service you will have a

shared pick up and dropp off from hotel /apt/port

very good food that includes 1 drink, a menu with beef and side dishes, and a very important show with artists that are musicians, dancers, and gauchos dancing. Tango will be the main dancing as the emblematic argentina music.

There are different levels of shows and different locations and quality of food so there are 3 options I used to work with

Very good 4 stars. EXPRESSED IN AMERICAN usd 120 per person

Excellent small venue 5 stars. EXPRESSED IN AMERICAN usd 180 per person

Luxury Vip Exclusive with Private Transfer 5 stars. EXPRESSED IN AMERICAN usd 260 per person

Time to pick up : between 7.30pm to 8pm. If private (3rd option) can be 8.15pm for you

Time to end : midnight

Typo of food: quality depend on the option you select. All are very good.

Other services: At the small venue you can have an additional class of wine tasting or tango class

Type of transportation : all are shared except the 3rd option that your transfer is private for you.

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