Aritza Villaluenga
First visit: 24 May 2017
Last visit: 30 May 2017
Aritza Villaluenga
Hasparren, France
Español (native), German, English, French, Italiano
since 2016
I propose guide tours at the Basque Country, however this wonderful region is much more than Bilbao, Saint Sebastien, Bayonne or the Atlantic Coast. I will show you amazing landscapes and unique cultural and natural heritage. As Archaeologist and Prehistorian we will travel throw the \"Basque Ice Age\", visiting three archaeological sites, Santimamiñe, Ekain and Isturitz & Oxocelhaya caves.
I am European Doctor in Prehistory, I have a Master in Prehistory, Archaeology and Geography and two Bachelor degrees in History and Education.

I can speak several languages, Spanish and Basque as mother tongues, fluently English and French and I can communicate easily in Italian and German.

I have lived in four different countries, Spain, Italy, Germany and France. These experience allows me to propose and design for you personal and unique trips.

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