Private tour guide in Mardin who speaks Türkçe (native), English, Español, پارسی - Ayse Yildiz

Ayse Yildiz
First visit: 23 September 2019
Last visit: 30 June 2021
Mardin, Turkey
Türkçe (native), English, Español, پارسی,
since 2017
I am a licenced tour guide and based in old town of Mardin, I may show you around during a walking tour in old town, also tailored tours can be arranged up to your request. My expert area includes, Mardin, Urfa, Diyarbakir, Antep.
I am interested in travelling and spending time with people who travel. Also I have the eager to show Mesopotamia region and some beautiful cities of this region, also called southeast Turkey. If you request a tailored tour in this area, the itinerary would be definitely how you would like it to be.
I came to Mardin with an English speaking friend. Ayşe has very good English, she was calm and was very helpful. In 1,5 days, we saw all of Mardin and its surroundings. I highly recommend her.
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