Blas Felix
First visit: 03 November 2017
Last visit: 03 November 2017
Blas Felix
Yurimaguas, Peru
Español (native), English
since 2010
Hello, I am a native of the Amazon rainforest of Peru. I was born in Ucayali, Pucallpa, but I have grown more in the Loreto region, Yurimaguas. I offer to guide you in my town of Yurimaguas, and its surroundings. Visit the Cuipari Lake, a community of about 1000 inhabitants, or the Shawi ethnic group who still preserve their clothing, language and culture. I can also accompany you anywhere in Peru.
I studied electronics and computer science. But my passion is to share with people our experiences and customs of our jungle, to help you enjoy your travels and your Amazonian charms. Since 2010 I have accompanied and guided friends from Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, Belgium, among others.
We have visited the district of Jeberos, where we navigate by boat and boat through narrow gorges surrounded by abundant vegetation.
Also the district of Lagunas to the Pacaya Samiria Reserve, where it is possible to contemplate animals such as the pelejo, monos 4 varieties, the river wolf, anaconda, and many birds.
Also the Balsapuerto area where the Shawi ethnic group still have their language and culture.
And in Yurimaguas I can show you the community of Cuipari with its beautiful lake 3 km long, and climb through the trees renacos, the trees that walk for their prolific aerial roots.
For me it will be a pleasure to share with you experiences :)

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