Bongane Koebu
First visit: 11 August 2016
Last visit: 03 April 2018
Bongane Koebu
Maseru, Lesotho
English (native),
since 2014
cultural tours village tours historical tours cave visits
I have been a tour guide from 2014 and i had couple of tours with guests from all over the world. i offer memorable day tours in Lesotho, i do tours to the the community and let the guests mix with the locals, ask anything that they want to know about the local people of Lesotho. i do tours to the the historical caves of Moshoeshoe I the founder of Lesotho and Basotho. I also let the guests taste the local traditional food and drinks(beer and porridge), Also do a visit to the the traditional doctor to do the demonstrations of how he does his predictions to detect the cause of the sickness.

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