Danielos TONY
First visit: 30 April 2016
Last visit: 02 October 2018
Danielos TONY
Antsirabe, Madagascar
English (native),
since 2009
We propose you : - Trekking ( Makay , mountain ) -Wildlife ( visite the National Park of Madagascar) -Rivertrip ( Manambolo, Tsiribihina ) Bird waching ( see the endemic birds, fauna and flora ) -City visiting , visite the zoo that make you satisfait to see the most famouse animal only around the city of Madagascar .
My name is Tony danielos , i was born at Belo sur Tsiribihina , i grew up at Tananarive for shool . As i am the local Tour guide of Madagascar , i can organise the tourist trip with my best Goal and able to share my best service also my experiance with my team group work !!

Since my 7 yaer of Experiance , that 3 yaers with Operator travel company and 4 yaers such free lance guide , i am coveced that i \'m the right person for the tourist who want to come and visite Madagascar .I dedicaded to always do my good service for your trip , to let you know about the Madagascar story , the cultures, Nature ....

I work with lisenced driver and also experianced guide that have the same goal with me ...!

Your satisfaction is the most important for us and also your happiness will be succefull when you choose us to be your trip Organisator . We will keep you safe and always give you the comfort Hotel but not expencive ..!

Friendly Tour Guide of Madagascar is the guide who can make sure your futur trip , specialy your advanture hiliday , honey moon , group traveler .

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