Private tour guide in Posta Elbasan who speaks Shqip (native), English, Ελληνικά, Italiano - Dorian Disha

Dorian Disha
First visit: 29 October 2015
Last visit: 31 October 2015
Posta Elbasan, Albania
Shqip (native), English, Ελληνικά, Italiano
since 2007
Private Tours, Group Tours, Guiding Services, Transfers, Hotel Arrangements, Etc.
Once upon a time in the far, far away communist kingdom of Albania, while the majority of the world was celebrating Christmas, Albania was celebrating the most traditional and communist feast, the New year Eve….….was born me, Dorian Disha.

Living in the communist kingdom was difficult and hard but my mother, a biology teacher cultivated me with love and care for nature and living creatures. That’s why my favorite toys were singing birds, a white funny bunny and my cat lovely Jessica. These special connections encouraged me to develop also a special interest and love for my country-an interest which started with the first visit at the Kruja Castle.

Another important part of my life as a child in the communist kingdom was to become member of pionners\\\' organization at the age of 10 years old.The pionners\\\' organization task was to secure the kingdom from external and hidden enemies.I was grown up and continue to contribute for the organization and I was developing in the same time love for my country and care for people. After the falling of communist kingdom I established and I am running for more than 8 years my own kingdom-the kingdom of professional guiding services for domestic and international visitors. I am treating everyone coming in the kingdom as a queen or king because my business slogan is: “My Client is My King”.

If you are not a queen or a king, but you are looking forward to be treated like them, you are more than welcome to contact me.

And that, it will be your story of being a queen or a king.

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