Elisabete Mesquita
First visit: 21 September 2016
Last visit: 18 April 2018
Elisabete Mesquita
Lisbon, Portugal
Português (native), English, Español, French
since 2012
Ecotours in Portugal with a lot of hands-on activities - real and complete experiences to know the deep Portugal
I provide touristic experiences in Portugal, with a coup d’oeil to Spain, taking you wherever nature can be found to see, hear and feel the history and the stories each place has to tell you, showing the most genuine things in Portugal, in a true dialogue in which you will definitely be one of the actors. I will lead to way to real territories where you can interact with genuine people in unique and complete experiences that allows you to create a sense of place and significantly contribute to local communities, in a quiet and relaxed journey in which you will certainly feel the atmosphere in places where even time runs slower…

An Ecoturism degree and Human Biology and Evolution master degree, lots of criativity and self-demanding in designing tours, are the technical support of my tour guide skills. I have work experience in designing and guiding visits for blind people.

OTHER LANGUAGES: Língua Gestual Portuguesa (Portuguese Sign langauge)

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