Ema Sare
First visit: 16 January 2016
Last visit: 16 January 2016
Ema Sare
Zagreb, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), Bosanski , German, English, Español, French, Português, Srpski
since 2014
Croatian culture, history & language. Spiritual trips in nature.
Coucou everyone :)

traveling & cultural exploring are my passions. I\'ve lived in multiple places in Croatia, both continental and seaside, the fact that provides me with skills to guide you through Croatia, its culture and natural wonders. You will also learn Croatian while with me, since my life\'s philosophy is that understanding & communicating in a foreign language, especially to a native, opens a door to one\'s soul.

In addition to this, I\'ve worked and studied in both France and Germany - in case you feel inspired to visit those two, I would be more than happy to guide you.

I specialised in Romance languages, with accent on French and Portuguese. However, if you are Spanish or Italian, do not hesitate to contact me, we can work it out!

And the last but not the least one, Belgium is also a country I consider a home, so if you\'re into beer, festivals and nature, I\'m the one to come along with!

Bonjour mes amis,

vous avez envie de parler croate, découvrir la Croatie, sa culture, sa richesse naturelle et ses endroits?

Contactez-moi, amoureuse des langues, les rencontres et le partage!

Je connais ma pays excellent, j\'ai vécu dans les villes différents; en plus aussi en France et en Allemagne où j\'ai étudié et travaillé.

Gruss an alle,

willkommen in Kroatien!

Verreisen, fremde Sprachen sprechen und die unbekannte Kulturen kennenlernen sind meine allergrößte Leidenschaften. Ich habe die Erfahrung im Ausland zu wohnen, genauer gesagt in Frankreich und in Deutschland, auch in mehrere Städte Kroatiens.

Haben Sie Lust sich zu entspannen im Natur oder aktiv im Urlaub sein? Da kenne ich mich mit beiden aus & stehe ihnen zur Verfugung bei der Planung Ihre Reise.

Bis bald!

Olá os amigos,

você quer falar croata, descubrir a Croácia, sua cultura, sua riqueza natural e as suas cidades?

Contacte-me, estou uma apaixonada pelas idiomas , os encontros e as partilhas!

conheço o meu país perfeitamente, tenho a experiência de vivir nas cidades diferentes; como aqui, também na França e na Alemanha, onde estudou e trabalhou.


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