Emilio Cano
First visit: 24 February 2016
Last visit: 25 February 2016
Emilio Cano
Alicante/Alacant, Spain
Español (native), English, French, Norsk
since 1990
Help to organize a programme of events and tours in my region. Help to organize conventions and congress. Help to advice you the most suitable hotels, restaurants, bus companies, and night clubs. Private boat trips in Valencia & Costa Blanca. Cities Tours & Urban walking tours. SEGWAY CITY TOURS Services at airport and transfers. Private car service. Guiding services for cruises. For big groups I can be provided with headphones of Radio Audio Guides.
Upon finishing my primary teaching studies, I took up teaching posts in Spain and England; however at that youthful age I soon discovered that what I really loved was the atmosphere of “the street”, of being outdoors. I mean the art of showing the street, its interesting aspects, to newcomers and tourists who were eager to get to know local history, customs and towns. The result has been that I have worked in the tourism industry for over 30 years and I’m still at it! I have worked as a guide for large tour operators, both Spanish and English. Other stints have been as a tour manager, as well as acting as local delegate in various postings (London, Ibiza, Canary Islands, Costa del Sol and the Costa Brava). I have collaborated with top travel agencies on incentive trips, excursions, organising congresses and with various cruise ship companies to provide guided visits at the ports of Valencia, Alicante and Cartagena.

Six years ago I set up my own company, CBTs (Costa Blanca Tour Services) to provide services to groups, individuals, agencies and all manner of client that requires quality in a guided visit whether that be in the City of Valencia, Alicante, Benidorm, the Costa Blanca or the Region of Murcia.

My guided visits can include the supply of \"radio-guides\" that enhance the quality of communication and information. It is not essential for the visitor to stand close to the guide to be informed. It doesn’t matter that the street may be noisy with its hustle and bustle, nor the silence of some museums or that a religious service may be on at a church… Each listener will receive the information individually and clearly, thanks to hygienic personal headphones within a radio transmission radius of 150 metres.

And to explore towns and municipal districts in a fun way, we have our own fleet of last-generation SEGWAYS; these vehicles come with monitor-guides that will ensure an unforgettable time in the town you choose to visit.


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