Private tour guide in Kotor who speaks Srpski (native), Bosanski , English, Español, Hrvatski, Italiano - Filip Kokotovic

Filip Kokotovic
First visit: 04 August 2018
Last visit: 03 August 2020
Kotor, Montenegro
Srpski (native), Bosanski , English, Español, Hrvatski, Italiano,
since 2015
ENG - I offer various kind of tours( private and organized group tours), and I can book for you transport, reservations for entrances to various monuments if needed, guiding with professional and educated explanation of everything we see during tour, accommodation and interact in transport to other nearby airports and cities. I can help you with almost everything in Montenegro, like renting of various vehicles or vessels( speed boat tours to Blue Cave in Montenegro, passing by Montenegro's "Alcatraz" , isolated island called Mamula - situated in the middle of the open sea (concentration camp in WW2), visit of secluded beautiful beaches with restaurants (only reachable by the sea).The most popular tours I organize are: Kotor old town and Perast with Our lady of the Rocks Island( all this can be visited in 4 h), Kotor and Budva with St Stephen Island(4h), Kotor and NP "Lovcen" with Cetinje (residence of our Royal Dynasty).As well, I can organize hiking tours and visit of one of the 5 national parks here in Montenegro( where temperature during nighttime goes down to 10 degrees Celsius during summer, while in most parts of our country is 30 degrees Celsius or even higher). I offer many more, so please contact me for more information.
ENG - I am licensed tour guide for Montenegro. When I started working as a tour guide, I fell in love with this profession, and since then I finally found myself in it, and I am constantly improving and learning to become better in this business each and every day. I enjoy meeting people from all over the world, educating myself about different cultures and lifestyles, hearing different points of view, helping my clients to make together their vacation unforgettable, and I made a lot of friends as well that way. First of all, I am very responsible, punctual and honest, so everything that we agree, I am fulfilling and will fulfill without exception. Since this job except my profession, as well it is my passion, so I approach to every private or organized group with the same eagerness and passion as it is my first tour ever. I feel strong responsibility to show my clients everything as it is really here, very honestly and objectively, both good and bad, including describing real life habits, quality of life, culture, history and everything you should know about our people and country( from time to time I take my tourists even to some of the local houses to see and speak with locals) , because from my experience tourists want to see real situation in the country, and I am tourist as well in most countries in the world and I want someone like myself to explain me everything the same way. By the way, I graduated in Business English from Mediterranean University in Podgorica, and I am official translator of English in Montenegro, so if you need someone with higher knowledge in Business English and educated and fluent English I may be the right guide and person for you.

When it comes to tours, the most important thing for me is that my clients are happy and satisfied with the tour.. Any desire you have about tours in Montenegro or you want me to suggest you what to visit, please contact me.

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