Heiko Sieger
First visit: 16 February 2016
Last visit: 16 February 2016
Heiko Sieger
Jerusalem, Israel
German (native), English, עברית
since 2014
VIP and private tours in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and throughout Israel. Historical and religious sites, desert excursions, fun and adventure trips, photography tours and more. Comfortable transportation in 4x4 SUV. Private und VIP-Tours in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv und ganz Israel. Historische und religiöse Sehenswürdigkeiten, Wüstensafaris, Abenteuerreisen, Städtetouren, Kulturreisen, Begegnungen, Fototouren, Wandertouren und mehr. Transport im eigenen Allrad-SUV.
Following different careers over the past decades I decided to do where my passion lies - share my love for this beautiful country called Israel and its people. Few places on earth have as rich a history and culture. It was the people of this country - fathers of three monotheistic faiths - who put an everlasting mark on most of humanity.

Yet Israel has more to offer than historical, archaeological and religious sites wherever you set your foot on. Though small in size, the country has diverse landscapes, flora and fauna. Green valleys and mountains in the north change to bizarre desert landscapes as you proceed south. Ancient Nabateans built their towns and caravansaries along the spice and frankincense routes. These places are now part of our UNESCO World Heritage, as is Tel Aviv, the \"white city\" known for its Bauhaus style architecture.

Whether you are visiting the country on a business trip, family vacation, cultural or spiritual holiday, or exploring your heritage, I will be happy to help plan your trip. Why should you choose me as your Israel guide? Aside from my knowledge and personal experience, rule number one is to listen to my customers. Add to that a healthy portion of humour and you are in for an experience that makes you want to come back.

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