GuidesFinder connects travelers with local tour guides without intermediaries!

Find a private guide without intermediaries is very simple!

  1. Register as a tourist (this is for free).
  2. Login, then in the section “FIND A GUIDE” and find the guide that fits you.
  3. Now, just get in touch with your guide. To do this, click the icon right of the name.

GuidesFinder is created to make the world more open and more interesting for everybody!

Our mission

Our mission is to make it possible for more guides to tell about the sightseeing of their region in a qualified and professional way. On the other hand, we want that as many tourists as possible enjoy the guide`s service in the best possible way. We see this opportunity in enabling a closer contact between tourists and guides. GuidesFinder connects travellers with local guides to make more trips interesting and unforgettable.