marcelo pegado
First visit: 11 September 2015
Last visit: 13 September 2015
marcelo pegado
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Português (native), English, Español, Italiano,
since 2005
A great opportunity to experience one of the Seven Wonders of the World. After visiting the monument you will have an enjoyable cycling adventure in a path surrounded by trees of the Tijuca National Park to the sound of nature and with plenty of beautiful landscapes of the ‘wonderful city’.
In tourism you buy a product which you don’t know exactly how it will be.

Our mission is to turn your expectations into the most wonderful experience ever.

In the biggest urban park of the world at the wonderful city and thinking about sustainability,

Rio Jungle Tour came up with cycling and hiking tours in awesome places of Rio de Janeiro.

We can suggest many routes, but YOU are the one who will tell what you’d like to do.

Imagine an adventure in this marvelous city and our crew will take care of the transport, bilingual tour guide and security for you.

Our goal is to provide you with optimal experience on your visit to the city, showing you the nature, gorgeous landscapes and also with plenty of relaxation.

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