Matti Piirainen
First visit: 13 January 2016
Last visit: 13 January 2016
Matti Piirainen
Raseborg, Finland
English (native), German, Svenska
since 1989
Archipelagotrips by boat and excursions to the Tammisaari Archipelago National park and Finnish nature. Guided trips to the wooden old town Tammisaari and Fiskars village.
I have been as a guide over 26 years.

History is always present in Raasepori . Matti will take you to the fascinating history of the Fiskars Ironworks or into the romantic atmosphere of wooden house Tammisaari .

Guide-Matti invites you to experience the exciting tours in Tammisaari wooden house town and to Fiskars Ironworks!

The harsh, beautiful forests, scenic lakes and paths that stroll in between take you on an unforgettable trip to Västerby natural area. You will enjoy the peacefulness of nature and you can relax by the campfire with coffee and snacks.

Matti will tell You interesting things about Finnish nature: animals, birds, plants and fungi.

We may be able to pick mushrooms or berries with us.

On the way You will see a variety of Finnish forest types, You can also hear a raven, explore animal tracks, mosses, lichens and in the fall You can see large flocks of geese flying south.

Tour in the Tammisaari Storträsket (lake forest heritage) with coffee made in the campfire takes about three hours,

length of the walking tour is five to seven kilometers depending on the route .

Archipelago of Tammisaari is one of the most beautiful parts of the Gulf of Finland. Archipelago near Tammisaari consists of ca. 1300 islands, parts of it belongs to the Tammisaari Archipelago National park. Rugged outer islands and lush inner islands with various islands and nature are the highlight of boat trip. The nature of the archipelago offers unforgettable experience and enjoyable trip.

OTHER LANGUAGES: Finnish as a Native language

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