michael skir
First visit: 20 July 2016
Last visit: 20 July 2016
michael skir
Hod HaSharon, Israel
English (native), Español, עברית, Português
since 2009
ISRAEL AND ALL OF IT ANY WAY YOU WANT IT. Across the Churches and the temple of Jerusalem We\'ll walk through the via dolorosa (Catolics & orthodocs),we\"ll visit the church of holy Sepulchre,and the garden tomb,we\'ll travel up north, to the Sea of ​​Galilee, Tiberias, Carpernaum, Jordan river, Nazaret, Mount Carmel. At the jordan river (\" Yardenit\") we can baptize. we\'ll pass through the beautifull stories of the bible (Gidon,Deborah....) then,we could travell to Tel-Aviv the \"white city\"or continue to the wide & mysterious mountains of the Judah desert: We\"ll hear the heroic stories of massada,visit the Qumeran caves and archiological park, and take a bath at the Dead sea,
Each city,church,or park has a whole histoy and so many stories.

and you have to be a greate story teller,full of passion and love to

your mission,to know each place as if it was your home.

Each ​traveler is​ a whole world

​traveling should be of excitement, discovery, surprises, dealing with challenges, ​and a spiritual experience

My travelers always become my good friends

​ And that is my biggest pride

​Be one of them

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