Michelle deGouveia
First visit: 29 October 2015
Last visit: 29 October 2015
Michelle deGouveia
Lisbon, Portugal
Português (native), English, Español, Nederlands,
since 2009
Cultural excursions in Portugal, mainly the city of Lisbon. Focus in the history, art, old traditions, gastronomy and music.
Daughter of a Portuguese father and a Dutch mother, I grew up in Portugal but left in 2000 and moved to Holland, to acquire my Master degree in Art History. In April 2009 I started working in Portugal as Tour Guide for a Dutch travel agency.It was like rediscovering my own country. I fell in love with Portugal’s contrasting landscapes, its rich history which bears witness in old castles, great palaces, impressive monasteries and picturesque old villages. Everywhere there’s a legend, a tradition, a custom born from an ancient time but still lives in the hearts of the Portuguese. In September 2009 I was living again in Portugal.

As I became increasingly fascinated by the job, between 2011 and 2014 I decided to take a degree in Tourism, so I could acquire the needed official proficiency to guide in the whole country.

Within the 3 years of my study, I continued working as a Tour Guide, focusing in cultural excursions. I had the change to deepen my knowledge about Portugal and gain more experience in this profession and its arts. Presentlu I am Self-Emplyed and working for different travel agencies for English and Dutch speaking tours.

Being a Tourist guide is my dream job. I get to have Portugal as my working place, meet and interact with people from all different backgrounds and share with others my love for this country, its history and its people.

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