Private tour guide in Ниш who speaks Srpski (native), English - Milan Randjelovic

Milan Randjelovic
First visit: 13 August 2017
Last visit: 22 September 2017
Ниш, Republic of Serbia
Srpski (native), English
since 2017
As one of the best connoisseurs of written narratives and historical accounts about Niš, I implement them on my tours, making the strolls through this city vivid and unforgettable experience. My experience in history will offer you the stories which you won't find in commercial brochures and good reputation the access to some locations which might not be opened for the touristic purpose.
BA in History, PhD senior candidate at the University of Belgrade, grant holder of AVEC (2009) for promotion of local cultural and historical heritage, former curator of the National museum of Niš and few more institutions related to history and science, editor of 2 books about the history of Niš and active scientific researcher focused mainly on the history of Niš and South Serbia in Ottoman period (1386-1878). Combining all the skills and experience from above, I have been working as a VIP tourist guide in Niš for more than a decade.

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