Private tour guide in Montreal who speaks English (native), French, Italiano - Ruby Roy

Ruby Roy
First visit: 03 April 2021
Last visit: 26 May 2021
Montreal, Canada
English (native), French, Italiano
since 1992
Private customised tours, experiences specialising in Luxury, Corporate, Business , Travellers, including Travel Director, Concierge, Speaking service for event planners. I also offer tours for guests with limited mobility. Other tours and experience includes Girls Weekend Getaway, Romantic Getaways and multigenerational family tours. Tours including walking, driving, bike tours, using public transportation. Tours using sprinters, coaches and cars. Included are on line talks, story telling to create excitement for travel( complimentary in the price of the tour for 30 minutes).
Since 1992, Ruby freelances and is an independent member of the tourism and travel industry. Ruby offers her services to all organizations and individuals both in Montréal and abroad including the different tourism offices. Ruby offers all types of tours on nearly any subject related to Montréal: walking tours, biking tours, she can drive and guide as well as offer motor coach, sprinter and SUV tours as a step-on guide.

She offers luxury experiences, local authentic experiences as well as specialized tours such as culinary, art, neighbourhood disoveries, as well as Leonard Cohen among a few.

Ruby is knowledgeable about Montréal and her travel experience will further enhance your visit to Montréal. Her tours and presentations are filled with humour, anecdotes, stories about Montrealers but also of her own life growing up in the city she loves so much. She is highly entertaining and her easy going personality will make you fell at home. She is very flexible, will adapt to the needs of her guests as best as she can. She continues to be in demand for her services. Her infectious personality, smile, passion and generosity will leave you wanting more.

Ruby also offer talks, virtual experiences and on line course on several subjects. She is very active on social media.
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