Sanja Klesic
First visit: 15 January 2016
Last visit: 15 January 2016
Sanja Klesic
Osijek, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), Bosanski , German, English, Srpski
since 2003
Historical, cultural, social, culinary, fun facts... introduction in former Yugoslavia, especially Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina , most of all, enthusiastic personal insight in the whole region. I love all the region along the Danube and Rhine- Main - Danube canal... you would love it too...
Working hard for something you love is called passion and that is exactly what I feel towards this job. Long years of experience, lecturing and organizing successful programs such as visits to local organic farm give me strength and more enthusiasm to continue. Active participation in the Committee for wounded and killed Croatian soldiers and taking care of their families during the Homeland war in Croatia enables me to share more personal insight to events that occurred in former Yugoslavia. Happy to promote my Homeland, the whole region and spread the good will!

Also, I am experienced in tours along the Danube and I simply love it all! It is my extended home region and it’s history , culture, culinary traditions, diversities are amazing – let me share them with you!

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