Shira Gomez-Pilastro
First visit: 07 April 2016
Last visit: 07 April 2016
Shira Gomez-Pilastro
Škaljari, Montenegro
Español (native), Bosanski , English, Hrvatski, Português, Srpski
since 2012
Custom tailored day trips and excursions to the most attractive places in Montenegro, coast and inland
I\'m a Licensed Tour guide for Kotor and Montenegro, even if I was born in Venezuela I have been living in Kotor for more than 15 years, so I can say that I spent most of my life here, even though I worked and lived for several years in Venezuela.After so many years living in Kotor lead me to immerse myself in the complexities of its famous monuments and explore forgotten corners. Learn about culture, customs, history and geography of this small but fascinating country, the same curiosity that lead me in my years as a publicist, was the same that \"pushed\" me to investigate, study, to scrutinize in the history of these wonderful and unforgettable places. Thus, was born my passion for the city and inspiration to get my license as a tour guide in Spanish and English for Montenegro and and make known to friends and strangers such interesting city.

So, today I design general interest tours and shore excursions in Kotor, Kotor Bay and all Montenegro, excursions and day trips throughout Montenegro, services of a Personal Tour Guide in Montenegro and ex-Yugoslavia.

I speak English, fluent Serbian-Montenegrin , Portuguese and Italian, and of course Spanish my mother tongue

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