Private tour guide in London who speaks English (native), Español, العربية - Tariq Hamdy

Tariq Hamdy
First visit: 23 May 2016
Last visit: 23 May 2016
London, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
English (native), Español, العربية
since 2002
I arrange tours to Buckingham palace, Windsor and Blenheim Castle as well as major and new trend attractions in London.
I\'m a passionate traveller with experience in Europe, Middle East and North Africa. I\'ve been residing in London since 2003 and I\'ve developed keen interest in history, art, technology and urban cities. I\'m articulate, diplomatic, attentive to details and most importantly welcoming. I offer linguistic capability to communicate with 15% of the world’s population and I\'m dedicated to customer-centric service delivery, typically exceeding expectations.

I would like to know more about you and share my 12 years experience in London and popular culture.

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