Vesna Lukic
First visit: 23 February 2016
Last visit: 18 December 2017
Vesna Lukic
Dubrovnik, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, Español, French
since 2001
Besides regular walking tours of Dubrovnik which are visiting the historical sites, churches, museums and galleries I also offer Game of Thrones tour that includes the visits to the filming sites. But also, there is something completely different - costumed walking tour that starts at the sunset visiting the graveyards and execution sites from the medieval times.
I am born and raised in Dubrovnik where I graduated as well at Faculty of the tourism and foreign trade, major in tourism. I always had an ear for the foreign languages therefore in 2001 I started guiding but as a part time job, guiding the HD and FD tours in Dubrovnik\'s surroundings. In 2007 I became a licensed guide for Dubrovnik and Neretva county for English, French and Spanish language.

For the last 15 years I worked at leading incoming travel agencies, being in charge for the French travel agencies and several cruise companies.

Today, I am the owner of Unique Collection Ltd travel agency whose occupation are a la carte, tailor made programs.

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