A Tale of Two Towns

A Tale of Two Towns

City of Zagreb, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English, Español
2 - 2 Hours
There is a steep climb to get to the Upper Town and a long set of stairs to go down, so be sure you will be able to do it before you book this tour. Children of all ages are welcome on this tour. It is also possible to adjust the tour to people with disabilities, but it is necessary to mention it in advance, when booking the tour. Thank you!

Are you interested in learning about the history and the culture of your current destination? Do you like to get lost in the streets of the places you are visiting? Do you like local legends and folk tales?

If the answer to all of the above is YES!, join me on a walk through the Medieval and the 19th century Zagreb and learn who Manduša , Zagorka and Dora Krupićeva are; why Zagreb has the Bloody Bridge and what's the story behind the famous roof of St. Mark's Church. Let's not forget the famous Grič Canon, diligently announcing noon every day. Spice it up with the most beautiful panoramic view of the city (optional, entrance tickets required), a ride with the city's oldest public transport (optional) and some great recommendations for the best local cuisine and cultural experience for your free time afterwards.

IMPORTANT: The price is in euro and is valid for 1-4 people. The price for a group of 5+ people is 120 euro.

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