Abbas Alfaraj is a local tour guide in Amwaj Islands, Bahrain speaking العربية (native), English, Español

Abbas Alfaraj
First visit: 23 January 2023
Last visit: 28 November 2023
Amwaj Islands, Bahrain
العربية (native), English, Español,
since 2004
GB: All attractive sight seeing in Bahrain. SP: Todos atractivos lugares de interés turístico en Bahrein. AR: جميع المعالم السياحية الجذابة في البحرين FR: Tous les sites touristiques attrayants à Bahreïn. RU: Все достопримечательности Бахрейна. CN: 巴林的所有迷人景点。
Trilingual (Arabic, English, and Spanish speaking ability.
An authorized and experienced tourist guide, traininer and tour organizer in Bahrain, Oman, Azerbaiyán and Saudi Arabia.
Energetic and resourceful Tourist Guide with several years of experience accompanying clients on trips and to various locations in different parts of the world especially in Bahrain, Oman, Azerbaiyán and Saudi Arabia. Adept at performing research in an effort to make optimal travel plans. Experienced in organizing itineraries according to time frames, weather, and events. Dedicated to providing clients with the best customer service and travel experience possible to enjoy their vacations in relaxing atmosphere away from the routine and life's stress.
I am also a licensed pearl diver that can explain to you practically every thing you need to know about pearl diving and opening techniques of oysters and if you are lucky you may find your lucky pearl. I am also a fisherman that can cook most Bahraini deshes & provide cooking classes at home for visitors and clients. Where they can come with to catch fresh fish, craps, shrimps, kalamari and other seafood from a fish trap, spice them and cook them for lunch or dinner and return back home with unforgettable and exceptional experience in this lovely and peaceful prosperous island.

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