About GuidesFinder

The main idea of the GuidesFinder project is to help tourists find local guides around the world and communicate with them personally to plan and coordinate their tours.

GuidesFinder is not a tour operator or travel agency.

GuidesFinder does not accept prepayment and does not charge a commission for guide services.The tourist pays directly to the guide. The payment is done in accordance with the agreements achieved between the tourist and the guide. The tourist discusses all the details of the provision of services and payment directly with the guide.The tourist and the guide must agree on the terms of payment in advance.

In other words, Tour Guides represented on the website are independent contractors. It is the Tour Guides responsibility to provide travel services.

Please read our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What do we offer tourists?

Tourists use this site absolutely free. In order to be able to interact with the guide, only need to register.

Message system allows to realize direct communication between tourists and tour guides. Tourist can write a message to any tour guide who is registered on the site.

By applying this site the tourist agrees that before placing the order, the tourist carefully read the offer of the private guide.


What do we offer local tour guides?

Basic registration for tour guides on the site is free.

GuidesFinder does not charge any fees and other payments from tourist guides for providing their services to tourists.

Join us and information about your travel services can become even more accessible to travelers from around the world.


What is our mission?

The mission of GuidesFinder is to create a platform where tourists can easily find local guides anywhere in the world and establish personal contact with them.

The project's goal is not only to provide information about guides but also to facilitate personal communication between tourists and guides. This allows for the creation of unique itineraries tailored to the interests of travelers.

Such an approach helps make the journey more immersive, informative, and enjoyable. Additionally, it provides local guides with an extra opportunity to share their knowledge and earn income by offering their services.

GuidesFinder is created to make the world more open and more interesting for everybody!

GuideFinder is a service that allows you to independently find local tour guides.