Some Words About this Project

Hello! Thank you guys for stopping by.

The main idea of GuidesFinder is to acquaint travelers with private local guides without intermediaries.

GuidesFnder has existed since 2013 and was originally conceived only for Croatia. It has expanded and now tourist guides from more than 100 countries of the world are registered on it.

What Do We Offer Tourists?

Tourists use this site absolutely free. In order to be able to interact with the guide, only need to register.

Message system allows to realize direct communication between tourists and tour guides. Tourist can write a message to any tour guide who is registered on the site.

By applying this site the tourist agrees that before placing the order, the tourist carefully read the offer of the private guide.

What Do We Offer Tourist Guides?

Basic registration for tour guides on the site is free. The site does not charge any fees and other payments from tourist guides for providing their services to tourists.

A tour guide with a basic registration can go to a Premium Account, which gives a number of advantages. Read more about this.

GuidesFinder isn’t a Tour Operator nor it's a Travel Agent

All details of the provision of services and payment are discussed by the tourist and tour guide directly. The payment is done in accordance with the agreements achieved between the tourist and the guide. The tourist pays directly to the guide. The tourist and the guide must agree on the terms of payment in advance. In other words, Tour Guides represented on the website are independent contractors. It is the Tour Guides responsibility to provide travel services.

Please read our terms of use and privacy policy.

What is Our Mission?

Our mission is to make it possible for more tour guides to tell about the sightseeing of their region in a qualified and professional way. On the other hand, we want that as many tourists as possible enjoy the tour guide`s service in the best possible way. We see this opportunity in enabling a closer contact between tourists and tour guides.

GuidesFinder is created to make the world more open and more interesting for everybody!