What GuidesFinder Offers to Tour Guides?

GuidesFinder is an online community for tour guides and tourists. Join us and information about your travel services can become even more accessible to travelers from around the world. We work to ensure that travelers and tourists enjoy services of tour guides that meet their expectations.

What GuidesFinder Offers to Tour Guides

Basic Tour Guide Account

A guide can register a basic account on GuidesFinder absolutely free of charge.

Free Registration

This process involves filling out a registration form where the guide provides basic information about themselves and copies of documents confirming their professional qualifications.

Direct Communication

The GuidesFinder messaging system allows for direct communication between tourists and guides. A tourist can send a message to any guide registered on the website.

Transparency in Payment

The payment for guide services is made directly by the tourist to the guide in accordance with the agreed-upon arrangements. GuidesFinder does not intervene in this process and does not participate in financial transactions between the parties.

No Commissions from GuidesFinder

It's important to note that GuidesFinder does not charge any fees or payments from guides for providing services to tourists.

Premium Tour Guide Account

Tour guides with a Basic (free) Account can go to a Premium Account. A Premium Account provides additional benefits for guides looking to expand their presence on GuidesFinder.

Priority Access to Information

Priority access to requests of tourists "I need a tour guide

!" is a strategic feature. This means that guides with a Premium Account have a competitive edge, receiving requests from tourists first and initiating interactions with them.

Increased Visibility

A Premium Account enhances the visibility of a guide's profile, significantly increasing the chances of attracting more tourists. This is crucial in a competitive market where visibility plays a key role.

Enhanced Attractiveness

Additional section in the guide's profile for showcasing tours. It is intended for placing information that helps tourists better understand what awaits them during the tour (route, attractions, and interesting facts).

Premium Account Subscription

Premium Account is available through a paid subscription. Pricing varies depending on which period of time you choose. Within that specified period, all the benefits of the Premium Account are available.

Should you have any questions, please see FAQ for Tour Guides or write a message to us.