Ivana Kujundzic is a local tour guide in Zagreb and the surrounding area

Ivana Kujundzic
First visit: 13 July 2018
Last visit: 13 July 2018
Zagreb, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), English
since 2017
I'm offering a professional guidance of the city of Zagreb. I can adjust my guiding according to a guest's wish.
Hello, my name is Ivana and I'm a local tourist guide for the city of Zagreb.

I love reading, listening and telling stories and legends about the city I live in. Stories, together with the historical facts make a foundation stone of my guiding.

I'm always on the move and like to be updated about the events in the city center and its outskirts.

I love passing the knowledge on and listening to the experiences from another countries.

Feel free to contact me anytime.

See you in Zagreb!

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