Ahmed Abdalfattah is a local tour guide in Cairo, Egypt, who speaks English (native), 日本語, العربية

Ahmed Abdalfattah
First visit: 12 June 2016
Last visit: 17 December 2016
Cairo, Egypt
English (native), 日本語, العربية
since 2004
i offer exciting adventure holidays and day tours in all Egypt
I am very motivated and passionate about the tourism industry as anyone who knows me will tell you that I have been in travel, tourism and hospitality business for over 14 years, I have handled every factor of travel in Egypt ,my love to this industry started when i grew up near by the pyramids of Giza i studied history and tourism in Cairo university and completing my PHD in tourism industry, being a tour guide worked with people from all over the world presenting them with my knowledge of Egyptian culture and traditions and history, so i can share with you a very unique and unforgettable experience in Egypt

i created our company to be the company of everyone to be the travel advisor for everyone.

i offer dy tours, transportation, hotel and cruise booking

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