Alireza Fard is a local tour guide in Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran, who speaks پارسی (native), Deutsch, English, French, Türkçe

Alireza Fard
First visit: 26 December 2019
Last visit: 22 July 2024
Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
پارسی (native), Deutsch, English, French, Türkçe
since 2010
Tehran is packed with stunning monuments, museums and sites where you will be able to understand and appreciate our history, arts, culture and architectural treasures, some even date back to the 16th century. Our tour will start with the Golestan Palace and Grand Bazaar. Then we will visit Shah Mosque and The Smallest Tea House. If you enjoy shopping, I can help you barter or just browse for souvenirs at the Grand Bazaar. At lunch time I will be happy to help you choose a restaurant to enjoy some of the superb local cuisine. You have many choices around the Grand Bazaar, like moslem restaurant, where you can enjoy one of the best iranian foods like kebab or the vegetarian recipes. Moreover, we will go to hidden places only known by a local . ---------- What are we going to visit: - Golestan Palace - Grand Bazaar - Shah Mosque (Imam Mosque) - The smallest tea house in the world - Malek Museum House - Handicrafts Bazaar(Oudlajan Bazaar) - Timche Akbarian(first bank of Iran) - Marvi Alley - Agha Mahmood Mosque - Naser khosrow street - Dar ul-Funun(the first modern university in Iran) - Imam khomeini square(Toopkhaneh) - Bab Homayoon Street food - Ferdowsi Street - Iran Ebrat Museum - National Garden - Post museum - Parade square(Mashq sq) - Malek Museum - The National Museum - Si-e Tir Street - Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran ---------- Included: Local tour guide who speaks english, french, turkish, persian and a little German. ---------- Not Included: Car, taxi, lunch, dinner, entrance and admission tickets. ---------- Note: The main mode of commuting will be walking. **For private tours the start time and spots are flexible. ---------- Meeting point: Outside of Panzdah_e khordad subway station.(Entrance 1) Duration:2:30 hours Take line 1 (red line), get off at Panzdah_e khordad station. Ending point:Imam khomeini subway station. ---------- Tour Pricing:15€
I am Alireza, tour guide of Tehran,Iran .I am an easygoing and fun guy, that's what my friends say. A person who loves people, history, maths, cultures, languages, and in general I love life. I can speak persian, english, french, turkish and a little german. I will show you the beauty of my city, Tehran. All I want is that travelers will leave Tehran with the feeling of having been in a beautiful city full of life.

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