Amal Bandara is a local tour guide in Kandy, Sri Lanka, who speaks English (native)

Amal Bandara
First visit: 10 November 2017
Last visit: 17 April 2018
Kandy, Sri Lanka
English (native),
since 2014
It's more fun in sri lanka exploring hilly mountain by hiking and trekking. feel the power in you, by adventure. learn& culture and heritage. stay in& sandy beach... feel the nechar and clicks wildlife....
Name:amal rathnayaka
Date of birthday :1989.01.18 Age : 27

An adaptable, versatile & energetic individual, a good communicator with the propensity to empathise and get on well with people at all levels.& Self motivated with the ability to assimilate and retain information quickly
To provide the most worthwhile and enriching tour experience for local and foreign tourists alike and to make a significant contribution to Sri Lankan local tourism industry.

Adventure-seeker with outstanding navigational skills
Conversational knowledge of(English .) &(arabic)

Vast knowledge  geography and area’s off the tracks.

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