Ana Zubcic is a local tour guide in Zadar, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), Bosanski , English, Español, Português, Srpski

Ana Zubcic
First visit: 27 June 2016
Last visit: 23 June 2019
Zadar, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), Bosanski , English, Español, Português, Srpski
since 2015
Meet the ancient Rome in a Mediterranean style in Zadar.
Zadar is a city rich in spiritual and material culture, as well as in a touristic identity created in the present. It was created around the Roman forum, a city inside well-kept walls, a city of old Croatian monuments. Full of archives, museums and libraries, it is the keeper of literary and musical treasure, it is the city inside with the oldest University among Croatians (1396). It was long ago the place where the first Croatian novel and the first newspapers in the Croatian language were created. It is protected by four guardian saints: Zoilo, Simeon, Grisogone and Anastasia.

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