Anago-James-Akeem Osho is a local tour guide in Badagry, Nigeria, who speaks English (native), French

Anago-James-Akeem Osho
First visit: 28 September 2017
Last visit: 07 October 2021
Badagry, Nigeria
English (native), French
since 1998
I have been designing itineraries and guiding tourists since 1998. I am passionate about research, history and traveling and love to share my experiences to visitors. I organize Family Tours and adventures which are fun and educational, History, Arts and Culture, Adventure Tourism, Promotes Eco Tourism, Documentaries, History of the Trans Atlantic slave trade, Story telling. Services include: Tour Guiding, Homestead and hotel lodgings, Tourism Products, Souvenirs, Photography, Film Production, Research and Transportation.
I have been organizing tours and tour guiding visitors in Nigeria, Benin Republic and across West Africa since 1998.
My tour guide service company (Anago James Akeem Osho Adventures) was founded on knowledge and integrity. How can anyone be a tour guide without area knowledge? Who is a successful tour guide without integrity. These are the basis of my works.
As a tour guide, I have been an ambassador of the region to thousands of tourists from all over the world by connecting and showcasing the unique tourist attractions of Nigeria, and Benin Republic.
I exhibit the picturesque, undiluted naturalness of the people, culture, history, nature, festival, nightlife and day to day livelihood experiences of the people to the visitors.
The tour may be taylor made, private, group, many days or a day tour with creative itinerary to meet specific interests. My objective is the satisfaction of the tourist. To meet the need of the travellers may be hard work to many but it has been my secret and had yielded results through referrals.
I have won multiple cultural promoter and tour guide awards. I was presented the "Best Tour Guide" Award in Nigeria in 2019, during the Nigeria Tourism Awards (Nigeria Travel Week). At Abuja Jabama, i was inducted ino the top 100 tourism personality in Nigeria 2019 organized by Akwaba African travel market.
I am a very friendly guide who loves to meet people from all over the world. I have won various awards including the Best Culture and Tourism Promoter of Nigeria in 2015. I was given an award as the most outstanding Curator in 2016 by Badagry elite Forum and Parrot magazine. I have also been involved in various documentaries both locally and internationally.
I take pride in being able to share the knowledge of my homeland with clients. I can provide tours for groups, families, couples or individual travellers.
I was a member of the Demosite Management Committee of the COAST PROJECT in Badagry from 2009-2014, organized by UNESCO, UNEP, UNWTO and Lagos state ministry of Culture and Tourism. The project was aimed at promoting sustainable and Coastal tourism.
I wrote a book titled LEKELEKE: Folk stories, Poems, Maxims and Tourism adventure pictures. My other books are "How the slave trade began", "The history of Seriki Williams Abass of Badagry", a booklet "The positive and negative role of a tour guide in tourist destination development".
My research article was published in IOSR Academic Journal of Humanities and Social Science titled, ‘’Seriki Abass: Slave trade, Badagry and the history that refuses to die’’, August 1, 2016.
If you are looking for one of the best guides in Nigeria or Africa, look no further. I will bring a deep passion for the land and it’s history to every tour.
The historic tour of Lagos, Badagry, and Abeokuta was amazing. Anago James Osho is a walking encyclopedia of slave history as it relates to Africa and the Diaspora. He is more than a tour guide. The cultural and historic narratives and selected sites brings my ancestors to the present. Thank you Anago.
Thank you for the wonderful tour. The historic and cultural experience is worth every cent. Thank you for the experience.
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