Andrea Bagus-Pamlitschka is a local tour guide in Rodaun, Austria, who speaks Deutsch (native), English, French

Andrea Bagus-Pamlitschka
First visit: 22 January 2016
Last visit: 07 February 2016
Rodaun, Austria
Deutsch (native), English, French
since 2015
Sightseeing in Austria and Vienna, Special Tours like \\\"Sweet Vienna\\\", Museums, Tours for children, Individual tours presented by an expert.
Ich bin eine echte Wienerin mit Herz und Humor und freue mich Ihnen meine l(i)lebenswerte Heimatstadt näher bringen zu dürfen.

I am what we say a real \\\"Viennese Girl\\\" proud to show you around in my hometown. One of the most livable and and lovable cities in the world!

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