Andrija Galic is a local tour guide in Zagreb, Croatia, who speaks Hrvatski (native), Deutsch, English, French, Italiano

Andrija Galic
First visit: 21 January 2019
Last visit: 10 October 2020
Zagreb, Croatia
Hrvatski (native), Deutsch, English, French, Italiano
since 2000
Our comprehensive 1.5-hour walking tour will start from the main square - Ban Jelacic Square towards the former medieval settlement Kaptol and the Cathedral of the Assumption of Virgin Mary, which is one of the most important landmarks of the city. Our walking tour will take us through the most popular Farmer's market Dolac until the vibrant Tkalciceva Street-one of the most popular street with many bars and restaurants,and from there towards Gradec - one of the 2 medieval settlements that formed Zagreb in the past. We will walk along Kravi Most - the street that's known as the "Bloody bridge",most definitely the street and not the bridge. Kravi Most's nickname refers to medieval battles that once took place on it between two neighborhoods of Gradec and Kaptol. We will walk through the Stone Gate which was a part of the defense system for the old city and is the only gate that has survived. Inside there is a small chapel housing the miraculous picture of Our Lady, the patron saint of Zagreb. Close to the chapel there is the oldest pharmacy in Zagreb, dating from the 14th century. On the way we will see the Lotrscak Tower and Saint Mark’s Church. The church with its picturesque rooftop appear on the postcards an it is one of the symbols of the town. Close to Lotrscak tower there is the charming funicular. This is the oldest form of public transportation of the city and has brought joy to the citizens of Zagreb for over 125 years. We will take a walk along the charming Strossmayer promenade, the best spot for panoramic views of Zagreb rooftops,and from there we will go downstairs towards the main square. Your tour ends back at the main square, where you’ll learn how Zagreb got its name before we say goodbye to eachother.
I am a motivated, adaptable and responsible Tourist guide who will utilise the organisational and communication skills developed during my long working experience in Tourism Industry.
My reliability, communication skills, responsibility and friendly nature are assets I would bring to the work. I have experience in working as Cruise Manager on small cruise ships, and strong organisational and administrative skills with the ability to work independently and use my own initiative.As Professional Tourist Guide I have excellent local knowledge (geographical, historical, cultural and linguistic) and my previous duties on board were: welcoming and advising customers from when they first come onboard, delivering essential daily information on destinations and excursions, resolving any problems they encounter on their journey, assisting with injuries and accidents, maintaining health and safety onboard, ensuring the standard and quality of the cruise, doing all sightseeing tours and excursions by myself...

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