Arafat Rasul is a local tour guide in Dhaka, Bangladesh, who speaks বাংলা (native), English, हिन्दी

Arafat Rasul
First visit: 30 March 2024
Last visit: 30 March 2024
Dhaka, Bangladesh
বাংলা (native), English, हिन्दी
since 2014
Whether you are a Photographer, Bird Watcher, Wildlife Passionate Person, Cultural and Life-Style Lover or even a Fan of Archaeology and History, travel alone or in a group with small or grown-up children, I will find a program suitable for you and create an unforgettable experience!
No one knows Bangladesh better than I do. With ten years of Professional Experience and Vast Knowledge of the Country, I can offer you the Best Tours you may be Thinking Of!

Bangladesh is my passion, and Traveling is in my blood! This is why I've been sharing this tremendous, unspoiled, undiscovered country with you, providing handpicked, tailor-made, off-the-beaten tours to almost every corner of Bangladesh for nearly ten years.

Some of my clients have since returned, and some refer their friends to me. I hope you will also feel satisfied with my professional service and quality. Don't hesitate with the price of my tour packages. You may find similar trips at a lower price offered by others. But before booking with them, you should always consider two facts. Firstly, you may visit Bangladesh only once in your lifetime—secondly, the Quality and Professional Service. And as you know, "Better Things Demands Higher Prices".

Bangladesh is fantastic fun: deeply historic, culturally diverse, religiously neutral, vibrant, packed with natural beauties and wildlife, mysterious and charming!

Bangladesh is a beautiful, small third-world Southeast Asian country hidden on the tourist map. Within it is a primaeval swamp full of man-eating tigers, the unseen relics of long-forgotten Buddhist kingdoms, lush and endless tea plantations, several tribal groups with Burmese oriental faces, glorious beaches that stretch for eternity, freshwater dolphins and brackish water crocodiles, and some of the most open-hearted people you'll ever meet.

If you are already fed up travelling across the world and want to go somewhere you have never before, even if you don't want to see other travellers around you, Bangladesh is the only place. I'll guide you through it, uncovering its incredible history, ancient archaeological ruins, natural beauties, and world heritage sites and showing you its well-known and hidden treasures.

However, if this is your first visit, Bangladesh will cast its magic spell on you, too, and I will ensure you will have UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES!

Drop me a line, and I will create a tailor-made tour for you according to your interests and wishes.

PS: Ask me for additional perks if you travel with small children or have physical difficulties.

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