Arjes Demleka is a local tour guide in Tirana, Albania, who speaks Shqip (native), Deutsch, English, Türkçe

Arjes Demleka
First visit: 05 July 2024
Last visit: 05 July 2024
Tirana, Albania
Shqip (native), Deutsch, English, Türkçe
since 2024
I can offer city tour in Tirana and arrange the tour on your wishes.Also i can help with suggestions about restaurants and locations worthy to be visited.I am a german licensed guide but i do also tours in english.
I am a passionate traveler also from what tourist say a good story teller.I love my country and i want to provide for the visitors a local insight so they feel welcomed and at the same time get to know more about my country.I do guides in german and english even though i also understand and talk also a bit turkish.

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