Ashim Lamsal - local tour guide in Kathmandu (Nepal)

Ashim Lamsal
First visit: 06 January 2023
Last visit: 22 March 2023
Kathmandu, Nepal
हिन्दी (native), 中文, English, Español, French, 日本語, 한국어
since 2013
1)Information 2)Assitance 3)Direction 4) Transportation 5)Sightseeing 6)Day Tours 7)Cultural tour 8)Expedition 9)Transfer services sightseeing in the city, watching the sun rise and set, hiking, and trekking throughout Nepal
I am Ashim Lamsal born in Nepal, I am a very passionate guy about my job. As a tour guide, I have excellent communication skills and am able to adapt to the needs of the group. I also have a strong knowledge of the places you are touring and am able to convey that knowledge to you in an engaging and informative way. In addition, I am able to handle logistical tasks, such as making reservations and arranging transportation and be able to handle emergencies or unexpected situations in a calm and professional manner.
Excellent, on-time, and very professional guy. Without a doubt, the best guide in Nepal. For the best time I had in Nepal, I would want to express my gratitude to Ashim lamsal
Ashim is extremely knowledgeable about Nepalese culture, history, and ethnic groups. He helped me move my backpack from one hotel to another and we visited the two largest temples for Buddhists and Hindus. We also had dinner at a fantastic restaurant for noddles. I highly recommend hanging out with Ashim. I appreciate everything, my friend, and hope to see you soon.
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