Aysenur Ergin is a local tour guide in Istanbul, Turkey, who speaks Türkçe (native), English

Aysenur Ergin
First visit: 22 May 2024
Last visit: 01 July 2024
Istanbul, Turkey
Türkçe (native), English,
since 2019
As a professional tourist guide licensed country-wide, I offer you a wealth of experiences and insights to enhance your visit to this vibrant country. Ranging from the historical context detailing the significance of each site to the best photo spots worthy of your social media accounts or well-designed wine tours to local delicacies, I can deliver the itineraries you desire enriched with local knowledge and logistical support in safety.
To start with my background; as a former white collar in a national bank, finally, I've been able to pursue a career in my childhood dream job as a tourist guide after accomplishing the necessary training. Given my previous education in architecture and sociology at one of the most notable universities in the country, besides my academic curiosity about disciplines like archeology, history, and history of art, I usually tend to build my art and culture tours on this interdisciplinary pile of knowledge.

But also regarding my experience with various demographic groups from solo female travelers enjoying a laid-back itinerary based on shopping, eating casually, and taking photos on the most outstanding Instagram famous spots to upscale romantic getaways for couples based on fine dining and wine, I enjoy designing all the operational steps of a tour I'll guide.

Living in İstanbul for 14 years (originally from İzmir) but also being a professional tourist guide for more than five years, I've experienced this city in many ways. Moreover, I've done tours to Turkey's most diverse or well-known parts like Cappadocia, Ephesus, Pamukkale, and many others. Besides that, I've traveled to many other countries such as Mexico, Cuba, Morocco, Spain, Italy, and Serbia either for personal or professional reasons.

To conclude, be my guest in Turkey and have a life-long memorable experience.

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