Barbara Bedenk is a local tour guide in Ljubljana, Slovenia, who speaks Slovenski (native), Deutsch, English, Español, Hrvatski

Barbara Bedenk
First visit: 01 November 2015
Last visit: 01 February 2023
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Slovenski (native), Deutsch, English, Español, Hrvatski
since 1998
Excursions in English. Excursiones en Espanol. Besichtigungen auf Deutsch.
I live in Ljubljana, a small, lovely capital, where I finished studies of International Relations/Political Science. I\'m interested in languages, history, arts, nature and traveling has always been my greatest passion.

My 18-year-long career as a local guide and trip leader has brought me into contact with travellers from all over the world, in several foreign languages. Besides that, I\'ve lead Slovenian people to different overseas countries.

I\'m in love with my country, Slovenia, with this small \'green patch\' of Europe. It\'s the only country whose name contains the word \'love\'. At your visit, you will see why. It\'s a small country of big beauty and full of small discoveries. Check out our national anthem, called \'Zdravljica\' - \'The Toast\' http://www. preseren. net/ang/3_poezije/13_zdravljica. asp)

Traveling opens horizons, strenghtens torelance and makes people happier. That\'s what happens to me, when I travel myself. Therefore, when I guide, the hapiness of my guests is my primary goal.

I\'ve got a lot of experience in driving/guiding by car/van and safety is very important for me. I\'m professional, knowledgeable, open, fun. . . and my guests often comment: \'your enthusiasm is contagious\'. . . ;)

I\'ll be very happy to help you in advance with your holiday planning , so your Slovenian experience will be trully unforgettable.

\"Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends. \"

(Maya Angelou)

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