BARBARA QUARELLO is a local tour guide in Milan, Italy, who speaks Italiano (native), Deutsch, English, Español

First visit: 02 May 2016
Last visit: 12 November 2020
Milan, Italy
Italiano (native), Deutsch, English, Español,
since 2002
I conceive and design exclusive tours about art, architecture, design, food and fashion.
Enjoy a unique customized tour in the city where I was born and where I live. I am a registered tourist guide of Milan since 2002. I have studied foreign languages (English, German, Spanish) and I have a degree in history of Art at the Catholic University of Milan.

I work as personal shopper as well.

Strolling around my city you can see the remains of the Roman Circus and a the same time you can make out the highest skyscraper of the Italian peninsula, or discovering hidden courtyards and beyond them unexpected beautiful gardens. Moreover, walking among the marble spires of the Duomo you can make out at a distance the Sforza Castle and imagine how life looked like when Milan was a dukedom and Leonardo da Vinci worked at the court of the duke Ludovico il Moro Sforza. From the Duomo roofs you can recognize the third largest Football Stadium of Europe too.

Finance, Design, Fashion, Food, Industries, Classical Music, unforgettable Works of Art, the widest collection of Engravings of Europe, Horse Races, the most exceptional selection of fashion shops of Italy, the Monza formula one car race, four house museums, the Canals in the Ticinese district,…..

I would like to share my knowledge and expertise with you.

Enjoy your life, enjoy Milano.

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