Ben Unu is a local tour guide in Kupang, Indonesia, who speaks Bahasa Indonesia (native), English

Ben Unu
First visit: 26 September 2018
Last visit: 30 September 2018
Kupang, Indonesia
Bahasa Indonesia (native), English,
since 1996
Explore Town of Kupang where world sailor Capt. William Bligh (Mutiny on the Bounty) cast adrift. Kupang West Timor and Surrounding Wallacea Lesser Sundas Islands of Indonesia ; from Tradittional Timor mountain Villages uniques Textiles, Birding, Timor tribesmen head hunting villages, and Magnificient view Timor Mainland.
I love being a trip organizer and travelling to new places as much as you do and share stories and experience with people from different countries!
Definitely I am proud to show you what my town, its culture has to offer, happy to connect with different people around the globe!

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