Blanka Hladka is a local tour guide in Prague, Czech Republic, who speaks Čeština (native), English

Blanka Hladka
First visit: 02 February 2018
Last visit: 26 January 2021
Prague, Czech Republic
Čeština (native), English
since 2002
I build the tours according to the informations given to me by the client. We can do whatever they like - classical tour with (or without) lunch and boat, interior tour, museum tour, modern (or medieval) architecture, travelling outside of the town...
I live in Prague, Czech Republic. I work as an independent tour guide for different companies and for my own clients. If you prefer a different type of tour (food tour, garden tour, street art tour, ghost tour, hidden history tour etc.), it is no problem.
Would you like to travel outside of Prague to see more of our beautiful country? Just say so and I will arrange it.

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