Calson Luka is a local tour guide in Engutoto Ward, Tanzania, United Republic of, who speaks English (native)

Calson Luka
First visit: 16 April 2019
Last visit: 27 July 2022
Engutoto Ward, Tanzania, United Republic of
English (native),
since 2008
Guide of all Tanzania parks and Africa in general.
Born and bred in Northern Tanzania, part of Africa where tourism industry have boosted from one level to the next higher level every year, today I’m very proud to say that I have been groomed, molded through various training, I managed to become a very enthusiastic and confident safari guide.
It was the passion, the love of my immediate environment which features a vast wealth of, geographical features, like the” ROOF OF AFRICA” Mt Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater, the historical sites; Olduvai Gorge plenty of wildlife in the endless plains of Serengeti and other N. parks etc plus love of people from all walks of like, that I decided to take guiding as my carrier.
I gained my knowledge about nature in general at a very tender age, through primary and high school tours, friends and qualified safari tour guides. After my education in 2004, I didn’t waste time deciding what course should I do, my passion was to work with tourists, and automatically I enrolled with Mt Meruguiding collage. It was a dream come true as I was now learning safari guiding theoretically, technically, and practically.
When I finished collage in 2006 I joined Global Crossroads where I assisting dispatching guests/volunteers to different national parks around the country. This was my first induction to industry, working with different people in different environments, it was quite a challenge but I gained a lot of experience.
In 2008 I started to broaden my horizon, I moved to the southern part of Tanzania where I got a job as safari tour guide at Lake Manze Camp in the Selous Games Reserve. I learned a lot since it was a different environment from the northern Tanzania. Duties were contacting; Game drivers, Game walks accompanied by a game ranger, boast safaris, Fishing, Transfers, and hosting. I was also helping in the workshop, maintaining, roads and airstrips.
2011 I joined Amara Selous lodge. At this lodge I enjoyed several in – house training offered by Phillip; fully qualified Zimbabwean safari guide, Peter; a holder of level three FGASA (South African Licence) and Lisa a holder of both FGASA and BOTA (Botwana Licence).
I gained skills, of tracking, birding, photographing, navigation using GPS, knowledge and skills in family safaris, Ethics and fundamentals of being a guide, Geology and animal behavior. I’m now a holder of Certificate offered by the Okavango Guiding School (Botswana). So my East Africa guiding skills has been spiced by the Southern Africa flavor.

July 2012 I joined Asilia Camps and Lodges Ltd where I was Lucky to get more training based on different Wildlife knowledge in general Such as
- Advanced ecology, Birds & birding, photography & hosting.
- Human Adaption behavior – Level 1 & 2
- Responsibility, Liability and clients well being course & Table etiquette and client talk course.
- Wildness Advanced first Aid and many more training.

In the end of 2017,I was lucky enough to become one of the guide in one of the competitive tour/conservation company known as Singita,based in grumeti reserves in Tanzania .here I engaged more in photography since I noticed that most of guests need assistance on how to use and engage different settings depends on different occasions.
-follow my instagram page for wildlife photos(calson_photography)-

In conclusion, through my experience and trainings I would describe myself as one who is now very sensitive to negative impact on the environment around us, either caused by ordinary.
People or industries in a form of all kinds of pollutions, land degradation, littering just to mention a few. I strongly believe in conservation and any form of sustainable use of all the natural resources we have. Now how do we achieve this goal? My answer is education, training and positive approach to anyone who is a player in this field. So in this regard my area of interest in the field is Habits and Habitants. I love nature walks most where by I concentrate on small organisms, birds, plants, trees and big game and how they co-exist in their environment. I enjoy meeting and working with people from all walks of life; share their experience or my experiences with them, being our travelers or the people in he communities around us, regardless of their nationality, race and religion. This makes me happy and I enjoy my job.

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